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- Treatment of abrasions and serious injuries, treatment with orange peel
- Multilayered Polishing (for renewal and restoration to a new condition)
- Vox color sealants (for preservation and protection)
- Nano coating (prevents color fading, prevents particle adhesion, for perfect protection from delicate scratches, smoothness, protection from bird droppings, fruit acceleration, allows very quick and easy cleaning)
- Sunscreen coating (increases the lung field in severe weather, allows easy and quick cleaning)
- Magnesium hoop coating (helps to reduce scabby glue, allows quick and easy cleaning and preserves the natural colors).
- PPF protective coating (protects the paint from scratches, bumps, and abrasions).
- pdr (repair tin cans without paint and paint, without damage)
- Flashlights polish
- Professional cleaning of engine compartment

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- Cleaning of seats, carpets, roof, leather seats, internal plastics, belts
- Fabric coating for seats (prevents fluid penetration and allows quick cleaning)
- Plastics coating (prevents intrusion of dirt in, allows easy and quick cleaning)
- (Leather coating (prevents damages, allows easy and quick cleaning and preserves the leather

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Auto detailing for
all types vehicles:

Cars, bikes, boats, etc

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Professional auto detailing and car care products

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